Summer Rentals

Below is 2020 information and pricing. Please stay tuned in the Spring for 2021 updates. 

The Best Brands. The Best Experience.

We partner with the finest brands in the industry to provide you with the best experience possible. 

A Bike for Every Rider

The Rental Shop offers a great selection of demo and rental bikes for all ages and disciplines. We've got you covered: beginner to expert, cross-country to downhill, for kids and adults.


Full-face helmets are required for any bike rental that will be using the lifts to access runs. Full-face helments are available to rent and to purchase.

Enduro bikes DO NOT have dropper seat posts. Please let our rental techs make all adjustments to the bike and do not make any modifications on your own.


Rental Options

Why not try one of the best bikes available today. Try before you buy, or get a taste of what the pros ride! 


Type of RentalFull DayAdd Day/afternoonNight2 hr 
Performance rental$149.99$119.99$119.99n/a
DH $114.99$94.99$94.99n/a
Performance child rental$59.99$49.99$49.99$29.99
Standard child rental$29.00$24.99$24.99$19.99

Prices do not include tax. Afternoon pricing is from 2pm-5pm, Night pricing is from 4pm-7pm. 

Protective Equipment
Complete Package$34.99
Chest pad$14.99
Knee/ Arm pads$9.99
Please note tax not included in price. *Due to COVID-19 we reccomend the use of personal helmets. Please visit EVOLVE to see what is available. 
Equipment Damage Protection Plan
Due to the extreme nature of mountain biking, the purchase of the damage waiver is highly recommended. Without the damage waiver, the renter will be responsible for the full retail value of any and all damages to the equipment. Damage waiver covers any accidental damage to the equipment. Damage waiver does not cover intentional damage, loss or theft. If you decline the Damage Protection Plan we require a $500 deposit.
Rental typePrice
Performance / E-bike$29.99
DH/ Enduro$24.99
XC/ Child$14.99

Prices do not include tax.

Performance types:

DH - Norco HSP2 - Carbon frame - 27.5" (s/m), 29" (L/Xl)
DH - Santa Cruz V10 - Carbon frame - 29", Sizes M,L
Enduro - Santa Cruz Megatower - Carbon frame - 27.5", Sizes, M, L, Xl
Enduro - Structure Janus - Carbon frame - 27.5", sizes S,M,L (**coming soon)
Child - Norco Fluid - 20" , 24"

Adult Standard types:

DH - Norco Aurum - 27.5", Sizes S,M,L,XL
Enduro - Norco Site -  27.5", Sizes S,M,L,XL
Enduro/XC - Norco Fluid FS1-  27.5" (Small), 29" (Medium/Large), Sizes, S,M,L  (not to be used in DH Bike Park)
XC - Norco Fluid FS3 - 29", Sizes S,M,L (not to be used in DH Bike Park)
Child - Norco Fluid 2.3 & 4.3 - 20", 24"