Ability Levels

Not sure of your ability level? Check your ability level to help you enroll in a program or lesson that is right for you. 


Ability Level

Level Ability
Level 1 - Never EverHas never ever skied before or not yet able to stop.
Level 2 - BeginnerHas skied once or twice before. Can confidently stop and are learning to turn on green runs.
Level 3 - NoviceHas skied a few times and comfortable on green runs linking turns.
Level 4 - IntermediateHas controlled turns on blue runs and wants to acquire skills to ski more confidentially on steeper blue terrain.
Level 5 - AdvancedHas confidence skiing groomed black diamond runs and want to work on better performance and control.
Level 6 - ExpertHas confidence and control skiing all of the mountain and want tips on how to ski even better.


Level Ability
Level 1 - Never EverHas never ever snowboarded before.
Level 2 - BeginnerHas snowboarded once or twice before and has control on heel edge. Wants to learn, ride and control toe edge.
Level 3 - NoviceHas snowboarded a few times and has control over both heel and toe edges. Now ready to learn how to start turning.
Level 4 - IntermediateHas good control turns on green runs and wants to ride blue runs with greater confidence and control.
Level 5 - AdvancedHas confidence on blue runs and wants to learn how to ride black runs.
Level 6 - Expert

Has confidence and control riding all of the mountain and want tips on how to ride even better.


Level Ability
Level 1 - Never EverHas never ever cross-country skied before.
Level 2 - BeginnerHas skied a few times before on green trails only. Looking to improve basic glide, rhythm and balance skills.
Level 3 - IntermediateHas skied regularly on green and blue trails with moderate climbs and descents. Looking to continue improving glide, rhythm and balance skills, which are inconsistent depending on terrain.
Level 4 - AdvancedHas skied at least one full season and can ski all blue and most black trails including all climbs and descents. Can ski with glide, rhythm and balance on all terrain and conditions but are still looking to improve.


Level Ability
Level 1 - Beginner

Has never ridden a Bike Park. Limited mileage on city streets and paved bike paths. Little experience on a mountain on off-road terrain of any kind. 

Level 2 - NoviceLimited experience in a Bike Park. Has some experience on green XC trails but limited mileage. Good balance and control on bike and can use hand brakes.
Level 3 - Intermediate

Has some experience in a Bike Park (5+ times). Comfortable on technical blue trails with roots and loose rocks and on tight single track. Potentially has more experience on a XC mountain bike than a DH bike. Can ride, balance and change gears and brake without hesitation - little to no jumping or drop experience. 

Level 4 - Advanced

Can ride technical trails including steep sections, small jumps, small drops (1-2 feet). Can ride switchbacks with confidence, and rougher sections of trail. Knows what they can and cannot ride safely. Working on finesse, technique and timing. 


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