Bike Park now closed for the season.

Reminder that the Bike Park is now fully closed for the season, including all DH, XC and hiking trails. There will be heavy machinery operating on the mountain 7 days a week so please respect all mountain signage. This includes all upper and lower trails.

Hours of Operation

Our Instructors Spike Kenny

CSIA 3 (Level 1 Course Conductor), CSCF 1, UKCC (Basketball) 2, Dogsbody 4

After a variety of jobs, dairy herdsman, shepherd, contract sheep shearer, advising farmers, and even as a bank manager, I successfully attained the height of Ski Instructor here at SilverStar.  I quickly fell in love with the mountain, especially the backside and runs like Black Bear and Spirit Bowl.  A chequered career as an instructor evolved into managing the Adventure Centre instructors over the winter.  In the summer, I build and maintain mountain bike trails at SilverStar and kayak in the Okanagan as much as possible.

Spike Kenny