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The story has already begun, battles have been fought and glory has become a result.  This is the beginning of the everlasting story of Beowulf! 

In development for the past four years, we’re proud to introduce Beowulf, our newly minted XC epic, named after the poem about a legendary dragon-slaying Scandinavian warrior. Borrowing its name from the poem is a true fit for the trail, capturing the undertaking of building it from beginning to end. The 35km loop takes riders along ridgelines, through cedar rainforests and grassy meadows as it winds its way from the village and back again, covering all of the incredible terrains SilverStar has to offer. A must-do ride for the discerning mountain biker.

We have created The Dragon, it’s your turn to take it on and defeat it!

Getting a sense of the Trail

Green to Blue: Starting out of the village crisp and early is the best way to get a head start. Taking in the views along cross-mountain trail as you get your legs warm. Either Silver Shack or Paradise via Cabin Trail to reach Beowulf’s’ trail head.

Blue to Black: Next is the blue section of Beowulf to get the body warm and blood flowing. After reaching Beowulf’s first viewpoint is where the black section starts. You make your way down winding switchbacks on the warm side of Trinity valley. Descending away from the sun provides a surreal experience, coasting on nothing more than pure bliss through the cedar forests to the lowest elevation of the trail. Once across the midway bridge a rider must slay the beast set ahead of them (elevation goes low to high at this poiint).

Black to the Finish: Starting the ascent up the cool side of the valley, the treacherous switchbacks up to Lombard street. After Lombard street the rider has overcome the worst of Beowulf’s tests. After the Aunt Gladys viewpoint starts the last blue section of Beowulf. This is a great cooldown after a long hard fought battle. When the rider reaches cross mountain trail there is reason to celebrate. They have conquered the beast and are rewarded with a victory lap back to the village.

Beowulf Survival Guide

Think you're ready to conquer Beowulf? Here's our Beowulf Survival Quiz. If you can answer every question with a resounding YES, you might just measure up for this epic challenge!

1.  Am I skilled at riding Blue and Black Diamond XC Trails?

  • Beowulf is a challenging mix of Blue and Black Diamond XC terrain. Less experienced riders can take the trail out to Alder Point and return, experiencing some of the views and keeping the challenge rating to Blue. More experienced riders that continue on the trail, should be prepared for sections that can be steeper and technically challenging. Riders that have not confidently completed shorter Black Diamond XC trails should not attempt the full Beowulf trail.

2.  Am I fit enough to handle an extended uphill ride?

  • Beowulf is a stunning 36 km (total) ride with amazing views of the back side, and a beautiful descent to the bottom of Putnam creek. The ride out from the bottom of Putnam is a challenging 12km of uphill climb before the final leg of trail back to the village. Riders need to be fit, and time their ride appropriately.

3.  Have I planned enough time for the ride?

  • It can take an experienced rider 4-6 hours to complete Beowulf. Riders should plan their ride to end before the Bike Park closes at 5:00pm. 

4.  Did I bring enough food and water?

  • Riders should equip a minimum of 3-4 litres (or more) of water before attempting Beowulf. High energy food is also a must, and riders should take an appropriate amount of food for an extended, physically demanding ride.

5.  Does anyone know that I'm gone?

  • There is no cell signal anywhere on Beowulf. Riders should have a reliable friend or family member that knows where they will be riding, and a time that they should be expected back.

6.  Do I have an emergency bike repair kit and medical kit (and know how to use it)?

  • There is no cell signal anywhere on Beowulf, so if your not prepared for accidents, or your bike breaks and you're unable to fix it there and then, rembember that it is a very long walk back to the Village with no shelter or help along the way. 

7.  Do I have a 'ride buddy'?

  • Riders should use the 'buddy system' on Beowulf and never attempt this trail alone.

You're in for the ride of a lifetime on a truly incredible trail, with stunning views and scenery at every turn. Plan well, ride safe and enjoy!

Beowulf Photo Gallery