Ice Skating Lace up your skates and glide across Brewer's Pond

Lace-up your skates and glide across Brewer's Pond on our 2.5-acre natural rink, perfect for recreational skating, figure skating and first-timers alike.


  • Pond Hockey Announcement: In compliance with Provincial Health Orders we will not be permitting hockey games or hockey related items on the ice surface until further notice.
  • Capacity limits for 2020-21:
    • Skating numbers are limited to 100 guests on the ice at any given time. New guests are allowed on the ice as skaters leave.
    • Tubing numbers are limited to 125 tubes out at any given time. New guests are allowed into the tubing area as tubes are returned.
  • Parking reservations are not required for guests arriving after 11am, and parking after 11am is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Current parking availability can be found HERE.
  • Tickets are available at the Tube Town ticket office and can only be purchased in resort.
  • Mountain conditions can change quickly. For current pond conditions & updates please call 250-558-6037.


Be part of the magic as you glide and twirl around the charming natural ice pond. With a 2.5 acre natural skating surface, an outdoor fire and music, you’ll want to share the experience with your whole family. 

Tubing & Skating Tickets

Things to note:

  • Pond status may change unexpectedly due to weather
  • Due to variable weather conditions, our Zamboni may not go onto Brewer’s Pond every day
  • All guests (tots included) must have a valid ticket or season's pass and must be wearing skates to enter the pond.  No walking in shoes allowed on the ice.
  • Skate rentals are available at Brewer's Base.
  • Helmets recommended.

Skate Rentals

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